If you find this bottle, the sea has chosen you. Everything is written even the unsaid. Go tell the world what you have just discovered and carry the banner of La Piraterie high. Perhaps then you can be proud of having worn the outfit whose color is black. We don't know where we are going, but one thing is for sure, we are going there. Join our Armada. History will remember, perhaps, that we left at five and that by your prompt reinforcement we will come back stronger when we arrive at the port.

We are a community of people socializing and working together:

To tackle the fight for independence. True power is the one we take, not the one we are given. We work with people, not for people. On the scale of each, it is a question of cultivating our smallness of means and our nobility of intentions. On the scale of all, it is the magnitude of our results that drives us. All rights to contradiction reserved.

We have designed a banner, La Piraterie®, as a lever of wealth.

It is the proof through the garment that one can still have an approach turned towards the other. It is the materialization of ambitions. We place people at the center of the model by valuing everyone's skills without distinction. You are what you bring to this brand, be different like everyone else

We have created unique models and created the brand where black is color.

La Piraterie® is contemporary, urban, fashionable. Its design is intended to be original and practical. Natural, chic and timeless. Its style is refined, with harmonious curves, the finishes are neat, without excess material, the garment is the companion at all times. With each creation, the alchemy works and gives new impetus to the collection.

We are leading a project that promotes adventure and openness.

In this business, everyone is involved and actor of our change by asking you to intervene in the different stages of the process of creating collections. Nobody is nobody and everyone is somebody. Come as you Are. Take part in this rich and universal economic adventure. Piracy® is never over.

A unique brand, according to the contributions of each and a 100% original composition.

With 1% futility, 1% usefulness, 1% madness, 1% optimism, 1% amusement, 1% risk, 1% dissent, 1% pretension, 1% creativity, 1 % of technique, 1% of challenge, 1% of competitiveness, 1% of self-esteem, 1% of emulation, 1% of meeting, 1% of exchange, 1% of action, 1% of demagoguery, 1% common sense, 1% obviousness, 1% spontaneity, 1% tenacity, 1% questioning and 77% things to discover.

Message addressed to those who are looking for a philosophy or a message.

While others struggle to find refuge in current trend values, we base our action on commitment, thinking through action. To those of you who are going to buy these products, this brand is yours! Take it, assert yourself! Piracy® is a model in the making, constantly changing, which evolves according to your contributions and your expectations. Take part in the adventure.

Year 0 of the Age of Piracy. Until the end from the beginning. Piracy® is never over

Excerpt from the manifesto of La Piracy found in a bottle in the sea whose author remains unknown to this day even if many agree that he wrote what he saw!